Saturday, January 24, 2009

My safe haven tonight

It’s cold and white all over the place, and it’s been rather gray within me this last couple of days. So I’m happy that before I got into this colorless mood, I had booked a ticket to the concert of Japanese pianist and composer Keiko Matsui.

Tonight, Matsui performed at MSU’s Wharton Center for Performing Arts, and wowed all those present with her talent. She was accompanied by two drummers, one saxophonist, and one guitarist, all Americans, and one other Japanese guitarist.

In two words, she just made me think how amazing it is that just 7 music notes could combine and give such beautiful performances.

This performance has been a beautiful haven for me tonight… please enjoy…


Forever, Forever

During her concert at MSU , Keiko Matsui shared the story behind this music track called "Forever, Forever". "One day," she said, "my little daughter told me "Mom, I love you forever, forever". (She precised that the girlie said that in Japanese of course;)))). "I was amazed how my little daughter knew the meaning of forever and said she would love me forever, and thought of writing a song, and this melody came to me."