Friday, December 28, 2007

Stabbed in the back

Let’s not discuss silly political calculations. I don’t want to hear about any considerations which turn human beings into real monsters.

Let’s not waste time trying to understand what’s going on in a world where right and wrong have become the hardest things to define.

All my mind thinks now is that Benazir Bhutto was a brave woman, and her assassination is the manifestation of utter cowardice.

The world where we are living is becoming ugly… extremely ugly.

May Bhutto’s soul and those of the other victims rest in peace.

Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji3oon

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Eid mubarak said :)

Time to celebrate Eid al Ad7a came yesterday in Morocco, at last, one to two days after the rest of the Muslim countries :) Sounds a bit weird, but it's OK. What matters is to enjoy the Eid (despite the endless house chores this occasion brings xD).

Eid mubarak said to all of you :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thinking of you

How helpless you feel when the fact is there; unchangeable, irreversible.

How pretending science looks, when it gives itself the right to confiscate your hopes;

How absurd your priorities seem, when you wish, and it’s too late, you could start it all over again, and put your loved one at the top of your list;

How foolish those doctors seem, when they think that their decade-long studies give them the right to pronounce death sentence against your dear one;

How numb your mind feels when it has, and no choice is there, to acknowledge that there’s such a thing called The End, and that it is approaching;

How wrong your calculations seem, when you suddenly realize that what you’ve been building away from your loved one simply has no foundations;

How worthless that passion you followed seems, when you discover that you have deprived yourself of true passion.

My full support and compassion to all those who have known, by bitter, ruthless scientific evidence, that a dear one is leaving soon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Better late than never?

Sorry but I saw you that way today. Just a flash ... quick but clear enough to make me shiver. You’ve grown old! That white colour you sometimes forgot, or of which you stubbornly denied the existence did conquer your hair… or what remained of it in fact. On that thing you were right fifty years ago when we were merrily walking down that street and you said, with cynical certainty, that this is the fate of all men.

You are here, not as strong as I last saw you. Life is strange and is capable of making the closest people strangers. I know you never wanted this to happen, but I did realize that time dared and left its traces on your face! Traces that show clearer and deeper when you smile; although you seldom smiled since you came in. You didn’t talk much either. You didn’t flood me with questions as you always did; maybe because you no longer have patience to deal with my endless, sometimes playful reticence to answer. But you had just to try, you know. Because I did change as well. Years have taught me a lot and one of the lessons I learned is to say what I need to say as long as it is possible for me to do it. Because if I don’t, I might have to wait half a century to get the chance to say – and it will be too late.

How endless were the times I imagined our improbable meeting. I would be stronger then; I wouldn’t silence my anger or hide my disappointment. Why be afraid? You’re gone anyway. I would shout, throw my anger at you, break, kick, and walk away. I would shake you and leave you speechless. Things you used time as a buffer to avoid. Doesn’t time bring forgiveness as they say? Doesn’t it bring oblivion? Wisdom? Or more probably doesn’t it take away power, determination, and courage?

Sorry, but I did see your trembling hands. Not of emotions but of age. You never trembled of emotions, even when you had to announce your departure – for good. You didn’t tremble or I simply didn’t see you tremble; just like you didn’t see me cry although my eyes were dry. Ah! Silly me! You probably didn’t tremble at all in fact, because you had that gift I never had: the gift of believing in the perfection of your soul.

I’m so sorry, for myself now, because when I did see you again, all I got from you is a bouquet of flowers, not even the kind I like – you don’t remember anyway, and an ocean of speechless tenderness showing from your eyes… but I doubt I will dive in it. I don’t know how to swim, you remember? And honestly, I can’t be sure that you would come to rescue me if ever I drown. You did let me down one day fifty years ago, and I’m not ready to risk my life again… my life which is ending soon, very soon anyway, because when you came today with your flowers and your ocean of tenderness, I was already getting ready to leave – for good. At last I got that chance I dreamt of for so long until I lost hope. You, standing there again, and I being the first to say it this time…