Friday, September 21, 2007


Kaoutar 1 : Why did you do that ?

Kaoutar 2: Don’t blame me.

Kaoutar 1: We both knew where it was leading. Why did you do that?

Kaoutar 2: Leave me alone, I don’t wanna talk to you.

Kaoutar3: Come on! Don’t tell me you have started that conversation again! It will lead you nowhere; just stop it!

[No answer]

Kaoutar 1: I’m talking to you here! Give me an answer!

Kaoutar 2: Ok, I was wrong, but you were there all the time, why didn’t you say anything??

Kaoutar 1: Well I… I thought… I thought and hoped it wouldn’t be harmful…

Kaoutar 2: So why did you do that?!

[No more words left.]

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ramadan kareem

It's never too late to say it I guess:

Ramadan Mubarak Said :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's in the air

I smelt it this morning : school time has come. This is the same smell the air always brought in this period of the year. That humid but pleasant smell of wet earth. Pleasant but always mixed with worries of some sort. The end of vacation, the beginning of a new year at school. New faces, new teachers, new programs, new struggles, new “not-to-be-kept” resolutions, new meetings inevitably followed by goodbyes.

Here comes the rain (plainly not the Beatles' way) and unpredictable temperature shifts start. It’s sometimes too fresh outside, too warm at work. Suddenly I realise that I don’t have enough clothes for winter. I should start putting on warmer clothes. I should watch out for flu? It’s already there, so no worries :)

I leave home early in the morning and the signs of winter start showing up. It’s Automn in fact, but for me Automn is just the threshold of winter. This is the season. Colours have started migrating. Grey is conquering the world instead. The sky is grey, the sea is grey. Just like the asphalt road near my home which has just started to dry after a few drops of rain that must have hit early in the morning. Good for the plants, I usually think. You know that plants here are not always lucky enough to get special care from human beings.
At least another color will be there outside my window besides grey!

Monday, September 3, 2007

A beautiful voice fades away

The beautiful Rajae Benlemlih will no longer shine on our radios and screens. I was startled at the news yesterday evening.

Death always strikes suddenly and the news is always hard to believe no matter what the reasons are.

Allah yerhamha w Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji3oun

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A click that makes you sick!

It was really not the right time. You know that state of mind now: I have just come back from a 10-day “vacation”; I have loads of work and endless deadlines to meet. And it is for this particular reason that I have “found time” and courage to put some order in my computer.

Not a good idea after all!

I am sleepy and off my guard, so I open any file that my mouse (sometimes cursed) curser reaches. There are those I know of course. First my desktop, a place always neat… in my dreams!! My Music, a file I try in vain to keep as empty as possible not to make my computer slower than it already is… My Pictures, old and new emotions compressed into digital files…

My Documents, a galaxy where personal, professional and academic worlds meet... and where forgotten files lie discretely in a dark corner. Files embedded in each other… and then documents that suddenly leap into my half-closed eyes. Names I no longer want to read; events I no longer want to remember.

It was really not the right time.

And will never be.