Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy... Sleep Day!!

We have been busy recently sending emails, sms, and cards wishing each other happy Eid and happy new year. But today I'd like to share my best wishes for a different event: the Festival of Sleep Day! (yes! It is celebrated on January 2 of each year, and there are special e-cards for that!)

This is a good occasion to tell you that I’m becoming a fan of laziness!! Whether the reason is just cold, I don’t know. But over the last few days, I noticed that one of the major things that motivate me to finish my work at office and not let anything to be done home is the fact that this will help me sleep early!
No, this has nothing to do with being aware of the importance of sleep for both the brain and the body. I think the reason is simpler than that. During day time I dream of that feeling of being warmly enveloped by God knows how many blankets. And over the week’s days, I’m working actively looking forward to the weekend.

My ideal plan for the weekend now wouldn’t be going out, meeting friends and having a chocolat chaud somewhere, or even watching a film in the cinema – plans which I usually like – but rather enjoying dozing in my room or in front of the TV, and enjoying that delight of seeing my cheeks become so lazily rosy!

My utopian plans don’t work most of the time because I end up planning some sort of activity for the weekend. I go to that activity with pleasure – or duty – but with one part of my mind still making resolutions that my next weekend will be free and devoted to my favourite activity of the season: laziness.

To my surprise, today I discovered that there’s a “Festival of Sleep Day”. So I thought of sharing with you my current passion (dozing warmly at home), and sending you my best wishes on this day --- be it only for change! :)

Some of you might say that I’m contradicting myself because one day I said that I like dynamism. Well I still do, but for the moment, sleeping warmly whenever I have the chance for that is for me the best reward for being active all the day!
Try it and you will see! And meanwhile, happy Sleep Day :)


issam ourrai said...

happy sleeping fiesta ;) nice to read you

seddik said...

As you seem to enjoy enumerating the merits of sleep and being lazy , i am sending you a poem that is sleep related. Good reading....

Sleep my little one

Sleep, sleep, my little one!
Sleep while you can

Sleep to forget
Refuse the moment of regret

Sleep to dream beyond wonder
Forget your moment of blunder

Tomorrow is another day
You can again try a different way

Sleep, sleep, my little one!
Sleep while you can

Sleep to remember
The time you have spent from January to December

Sleep lightly or deep
Sleep quietly or weep
Sleep with a smile
And maybe after a while
You can keep
The treasures that you reap

Sleep, your body must recuperate
Then with full capacity you can once again operate

Sleep, sleep, my little one
Remember even the best
Must take a daily rest!

By Sylvia Chidi

Sent by S the searcher.

Selma said...

Hello! everyone! I wish this sleeping day could be added to our national holidays!! I am sure I will remember its reason, unlike the other ones, where i'm just delighted to have a day off of work, without giving a d... about the occasion or historik of the celebrated day!!
Nice to have u back Koukie!!

Kaoutar said...

Issam >>> Mirciiii! But the Sleep fiesta is still going, and congratulations as well... follow the blog ;)

Seddik >>> Mer7baaa w nhar kbir hada:) W bse7a the blog (that's a really nice surprise!) and thanks for the poem! Fekkerni chwya f "wake me up when September ends"... :)

Selma >>> lol What a good idea! But if the day becomes part of our official celebrations, we will never be satisfied I guess, and will keep asking for more than one day off! Doesn't the occasion deserve after all?? :p