Monday, May 21, 2007

The eternal twins

Two twin streams they were
So small but so abundant
Slowly tracing their way
So weak, light and silent

A bit salty they tasted
So clear and also warm
Who do you think they wanted
With their beauty to charm?

A source of charm they could be
With their star-like glow
A sign of harm they could be
With their sea-like flow

Two twin streams they are,
And here will always stay
With each eternal scar
With every happy day

In all places they can be
They’re not that scarce or rare
Even in Mars they would be
If any life is there

No use trying to find them
In all your maps or books
Geography doesn’t know them
No matter how rich it looks

But like all streams they do
Have courses and have names
So hard each cinema crew
Tries to master their games

Whatever might be their causes
Happiness, sadness or fears
Wherever might be their sources
And after all days and years

Their name will still be tears.


Mr " S" said...

Great poem!!

Yours of course :)

SABA said... ne trouve rien d'autre à dire. Allah inejik men dmou3 (a part dial lfer7a).

issam ourrai said...

c'est beau...
je trouve pas les mots

Kaoutar said...

Mr S >>> Euuuh yup it's mine! Wllah ma sreqtou :D Thanks:)

Saba >>> Ameeeeeen!! Jami3an inshaAllah XD

Issam >>> Pas la peine de chercher :) Tes mots sont arrivés ;)

SABA said...

iwa, ne3li chetan akhti wketbi mayt3awed 3lik!! rah bkalna chouia et ndirou moudahara lilmoutalaba binachr post jadid fi bloguikoum al mouakar!!

Ana said...

wili wili wili! Xtremely Wonderful

Kaoutar said...

Ana >>> LOL thank you my dear!! Wow! Une poétesse qui dit ça!!! :P

Ana said...

Poétesse?!! come on! 7asada2 nafssi ! daba 7dak ana kanbi3 lkbal ! mdr walakin kat3arfi khtak m3a Tears :p

Kaoutar said...

Ana >>> Woooow great to get all these new comments from u! U're doing the update right? :P

Ur come back reminded me of the song dial Captain Majid.

Captain Aaaana.... Captain Aaaaana..... 3adat ilaykoum min jadid! :D

SABA said...

Hram 3lik Kaoutar, fekertini byamat lcaptain Majid, j'étais amoureuse de lui, de toute son équipe et meme de son adversaire moul almakibayn al 3aridayn (Bassam)!!! :D lol!!!
ehhhhhhhh, dounia!!!!

Kaoutar said...

Yak I told u I'm an awkward consoler. Yallah aji n consolik:

Look, Captain Majid doesn't deserve ur love, u're better than him. Look at his hair! Looks like he never combs it!!! More than that, he didn't give ur love its real value and went running with Loubna Sari3a!!! He never listens to any advice. All wise people including Assayida Mil3aqa, Annamir al Mouqanna3 and Hakim qaryat Ouuuuuuuuuuz tried to advice him but in vain! He thinks he's Robin Hood or what??!! Just forget about him :D

(OK, I should stop here, BSALIT!! :D)

SABA said...

wayliiiiiiiiiii, nti awkward consoler nti? a lalla I never actually noticed that his hair was never combed, I thought that it was an advertisment for Jean Louis David or Pierre Marie de la Perrière (hada I invented him). Galik, lwelf s3eb.. wlkhbar frasskoum, fin razoir fin?? :D