Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's in the air

I smelt it this morning : school time has come. This is the same smell the air always brought in this period of the year. That humid but pleasant smell of wet earth. Pleasant but always mixed with worries of some sort. The end of vacation, the beginning of a new year at school. New faces, new teachers, new programs, new struggles, new “not-to-be-kept” resolutions, new meetings inevitably followed by goodbyes.

Here comes the rain (plainly not the Beatles' way) and unpredictable temperature shifts start. It’s sometimes too fresh outside, too warm at work. Suddenly I realise that I don’t have enough clothes for winter. I should start putting on warmer clothes. I should watch out for flu? It’s already there, so no worries :)

I leave home early in the morning and the signs of winter start showing up. It’s Automn in fact, but for me Automn is just the threshold of winter. This is the season. Colours have started migrating. Grey is conquering the world instead. The sky is grey, the sea is grey. Just like the asphalt road near my home which has just started to dry after a few drops of rain that must have hit early in the morning. Good for the plants, I usually think. You know that plants here are not always lucky enough to get special care from human beings.
At least another color will be there outside my window besides grey!


dima said...



Dickens's Poem for you kaoutar.

Welcome to Automn, my favourite season.

Mr S said...

3refti ana I used to hate the first day of school. Kant ka tderni lme3da w katchdni re3da w makanqadch ntghadda :)

Suivi said...

Bon début d'année

Kaoutar said...

Dima >>> Dickens! Fekkeretini f the beautiful days at university :)

Mr S >>> looool it seems it used to inspire you with poetry too :P

Suivi >>> Et bon courage pour ceux qui la commencent :)

Lotfi said...

Un peu déprimant la fin de l'été yak? Et le retour au bureau aussi yak? Encore tu n'as eu que 10 jours...quand je pense aux pauvres vacanciers (arf) qui ont eu 1 ou même 2 mois de vacances (satanés étudiants or french fonctionnaires lol)...finalement plus on s'aréte lontemps et plus dure est la chute ... estimes toi heureuse, tu ne tombes que du 10 eme étage, y'en a qui tomberont de 30 eme lol

Kaoutar said...

Lotfi >>> loool oui t'as raison mais aie! ça fait mal qd même :D

SABA said...

@Kaoutar: ca va aller ma bez!bientot l'été 3awed :) (Tunisia??? j'espère que non!!!! lol)

@Mr S: 7tiramati!

@Suivi: keske tu fais chez ma meilleure amie toi? ;)

@Lotfi: Meme après le weekend, c'est pas évident de reprendre, oula mon cas est desespéré!! :)

Kaoutar said...

SABA >>> Laweh Khmiss Zzmamra lol (Is there any place with this name?)

Euuuh and Suivi was just commenting on my post safi :D