Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Umbrellas out?

Here it comes again! Looking out the window as I usually do from time to time while working, I saw tiny drops of rain racing each other to the ground.

The view is pleasant, although the ideal moment for me to contemplate it would be when I’m home, warm, and with no work plans bothering me. (A big dream!!)

Today's drops are silent but hasty. Seems like they know how bad the earth needs them...

Mabrouk Ramadan and mabrouk shta :)


dima said...

Et encore t'as rien vu. Surtout quand la vitre est embuée et qu'on a la chance d'y dessiner des mosaiques comme un coeur à prendre et une fléche de cupidon qui le transperce innocemment. La dernière fois que j'ai eu l'occasion de le faire, j'ai dessiné la lettre M comme Maman. J'ai pensé à son plat de lentilles bien cuisiné. Il faut croire que le froid donne de l'appétit et le corps humain, dans cette période là, a besoin de féculents...

a ch'ta tata tata a sabi sabi sabi !

Thanks for the picture Kaoutar and what's big your dream ;)

SABA said...

beautiful picture bez!

as for chta, it's amazing how we kind of see it differently!

Have a nice automn and winter dear!!

Kaoutar said...

It seems that you still enjoy drawing on misted up windows, especially that u're away from home, and there's noone (like our mothers) to ask u to keep the windows clean! lol

Kaoutar said...

Saba >>> Thanks bebez:) It's not the rain but rather the grey sky that makes me blue :)

I might get like upset if I get wet but it's usually because of the really bad state of our streets only after a few drops of rain.

Dima >>> By the way thanks for having reminded me of that childhood song. Here's how we used to sing it:

A chta tata tata
A wlidat l7errata
A 3mmi Bouskri
Tyebli khobzi bekri...

(And don't ask me who 3mmi Bouskri was!! lol)

dima said...

Merci kaoutar :)