Monday, October 8, 2007

Smile, I'm taking a picture :)

With these pictures I took last weekend, I am starting a new set of posts labelled “Clicks & Pics”. The pictures I will post won’t always be high-quality (what would you expect from an amateur photographer using an ordinary digital camera? :p). But blogging is about sharing, and I would like to share with you one of the things I love.


SABA said...

beautiful pictures!! thank u for sharing!!

SimplyMoroccan said...
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Mr S said...

Nice pics.

I am wonsering ach kayt3awdou hadok zouj temma:p

issam ourrai said...


Merci pour les photos, et bessaha le new look du blog,


Kaoutar said...

Mr. S >>> I don't know, my camera doesn't record sounds :p

Issam >>> Ahlaaan akhi l3aziz!!! Kifach bsse7a new look!! Wach men JUIN ma chefti mon blog????!!!!!! 7selti :p ^-^

Kaoutar said...

SABA >>> Thanks bez :):)

SimplyMoroccan >>> How did I take the pic? I climbed the tree :p:p:p

No, in fact I took it from the window of my home's living room! Wala ashal :D