Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy birthday

One year ago, I decided to start this blog. I still remember that Sunday afternoon when I decided to cross the line and become a blogger. A lot of things happened since then. I learned a lot, made news friends, gained things, lost others, went through ups and downs, said things, self-censured others… Both me and my blog grew one year older.

I unfortunately wasn’t able to mark the birthday on its exact date (November 19th) due to my trip outside Morocco, but better late than never.

My thanks to all of you have been following the blog, encouraging me, bearing with my absences, reading my posts and sharing your opinions during this whole year. I hope this blog will be able to offer you beautiful things in the future…

Happy birthday BWL :)


мσнη∂ιš said...

bon anniversaire chere voisine pour ton blog, c'est la premeire fois que je te fais une visite,j'ai tombé sur ton blog par hazard,j'espere qu elle ne sera pas la derniere.
سنة سعيدة
مسكة و فنيدة

issam ourrai said...

Happy birthday to your blog , and i hope you had a nice trip :) where was it??? i'm curious :)

see ya soon

SABA said...

Happy birthday dear!!!!! 3okbal 10 ans de bloguing insha Allah!!!


Kaoutar said...

Mohndis >>> Thank you and mer7ba bik anytime! :)

Issam >>> Thank you fréro. The answer to ur question has come in the following post;)

Saba >>> Thank you sis :) ... InshaAllah yla bqina bel7ayat :p

Teshmesh said...

Happy birthday Bez, avec plus d´interessants témes, w 3o2bal el bakari (ya3ni les petits blog ;)

Kaoutar said...

Teshmesh >>> Allah ybarek fik azyounate. Concerning lbakari ana ma 3endich tta3adoud 7ta f les blogs :p Just one blog baraka 3lya :D

محمد علي لكوادر said...

Bonne continuation!

Kaoutar said...

Merci :)