Friday, December 28, 2007

Stabbed in the back

Let’s not discuss silly political calculations. I don’t want to hear about any considerations which turn human beings into real monsters.

Let’s not waste time trying to understand what’s going on in a world where right and wrong have become the hardest things to define.

All my mind thinks now is that Benazir Bhutto was a brave woman, and her assassination is the manifestation of utter cowardice.

The world where we are living is becoming ugly… extremely ugly.

May Bhutto’s soul and those of the other victims rest in peace.

Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji3oon


Fatma Emam said...

we should think what killed her, she was killed morally many times, today, they managed to kill the body as well
what she was presenting was a powerful woman ina a very conterversial society, she talked while others were seilenced

Kaoutar said...

Welcome to the blog dear Fatma :)

Well I think that the problem is that they've been TRYING to kill her morally, but couldn't. Everytime she came back as strong as ever.

Allah yer7amha w Allah yester. I don't know where this world is going...

Teshmesh said...

La puavre, sa mort m´a choqué, b9aw 7ta 9etlouha lmotakhalifin, lah yer7amha.

Anonymous said...

C'est une perte pour toute l'humanité.

Kaoutar said...

Teshmesh >>> Ameen, w Allah y7ed lbas.

Mounir >>> Oui, mais y en a eu malheureusement des gens qu n'étaient pas d'accord.

Mer7ba bik sur le blog:)