Friday, September 12, 2008

Ramadan this year

A dozen-hour flight, or simply an ocean away from home, Ramadan feels so special this year.

It feels weird not to hear adhan announce iftar time, weird not to see restaurants close during the day, weird not to see totally empty streets at sunset, and not to see drivers lose their minds a few minutes before sunset, trying get home before Iftar. .

But it feels so special though to see one meal bring together people from all over the world. Pakistanis, Indians, Sudanese, Egyptians, Kuwaitis, Kazazkhs, Maleisians… and a Moroccan gather in one place these days, share their first meal of the day, and the joy of learning things about each other .

To all Muslims around the globe I wish a blessed Ramadan.


si pemimpi said...

aha... you have a great ramadhan time too? i do here in fayetteville. we've got a mosque next to the campus (actually it's more than a mere mosque, it's the islamic center of northwest arkansas). they provide free iftaar everyday during the weekdays and on the weekends it's our turn to cook iftaar. on saturday last week, the pakistanis served their amazing food, and on sunday we indonesians charmed the jamaah with our national food :D. basically, it's a nice and 'different' ramadhan here. the thing is, you can be easily touched during ramadhan, ramadhan gives me melancholia, you know. home, wife, son, family, they do come more often in my memory these days....

issam ourrai said...

Bessaha w raha :)

nice to see ya happy :) and weird :P

hope see ya soon

Kaoutar said...

Si pemimsi >>> Wawannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! :p Welcome to my blog brother !!
Well I do understand how you feel. Nothing compares to spending such occasions with the family. But this is just an exception, and we'll be united again with those we love inshaAllah:)

For Iftar, I live only 10 minutes away from the Islamic Center, and that's where I meet Muslims from all over the world :)

Issam >>> Ahlan ahlan ahlan frero :) Hihi :p

Anonymous said...

salam kaoutar avec ou:) car j'ai une amie d'enfance dont le prénom s'écrit avec w, mais je dirais que les personnes spéciales ont toujours quelque chose de plus comme une lettre dans ton cas:))
Voilà, je te souhaite un bon séjour là où tu es, et profites-en au max.
J'ai senti l'envie de te lire...mais j'ai remarqué que walliti katkasseli, warrina chatartek ya bent 3ammou, allah la yahremna menha post 3la had lablog
yallah besslama

Kaoutar said...

Hello Betta!! So great to see you here and thank you for what you said both about the "ou" and my posts :)

Ramadan kareem my dear. Well I'm sorry for being so kassoula over the past months, I hope I will be back to my old inspiration days, or that they will get back to me :)

Gonna send you an email :)

Mr S said...

Glad you are finding ways to enjoy ur Ramadan where you are.

Am sure your family and loved ones miss ya a lot, but they wd be also so happy to know that you are enjoying it there.

Welcome back to the big world. We missed the lessons of our enlightened learner :)