Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Badhai Ho!

A father drying his tears of joy; a mother’s gaze overflowing with tenderness and pride; The bitter-sweet separation that one day has to come. Then smiles illuminating the place. A young lady with a graceful lowered gaze, a serenely happy young man… and an oath to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.

A joy which, at moments turns into tears, and others turns into laughter… or simply translates into eloquent sparkles in the eyes. Blessings and tight hugs of congratulations; ornamented landscapes, glittering colors, flowers and golden threads promising a bright future for the bride and groom.

Jenney and Amit, you made me realize that Bollywood movies are not just movies :)

You were real stars on your wedding days…

All my wishes of a long, happy life!!!

Badhai Ho! बधाई हो !

Mabrook! مبروك

Congratulations Félicitations


Puruda said...

I love you Kaoutar......this post always fills me with so much joy and moves me beond words :)

Kaoutar said...

Hey sweetie :) Those were words from the heart :) My wishes to you of eternal happiness.