Sunday, March 29, 2009

Decisions made

Nothing is worth missing those collective laughter moments among family. Nothing is worth missing the feeling of your parents’ hands on your shoulders. Your ears need to hear your loved ones' voices calling on you. Their real voice, not a ringtone. And nothing’s worth missing that.

I’m more of a real life person. I am not created to see my dear ones from behind a screen. I’m a proud old-fashioned person that prefers touching a hand-written letter to reading untouchable words behind glass. Even videos, audios, emoticons and the most eloquent descriptions mean nothing compared to the real thing.

"Are you planning to go back to Morocco when you graduate?" Yes I am. Fortunately!

1 comment:

SABA said...

Bez,i was planning on taking a plane to drag u back home after u graduate, I am glad that won't be necessary :)))