Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oops, am I losing patience?

This is a post I started writing today between two class sessions. When I was almost done, I realized that its whole logic is flawed because I am assuming that the return of Prison Break is today but it's in fact on the 17th. I decided to publish it though, because although it is illogical, it does confirm my point: I can’t wait for the return of that TV series :D

Here’s the post:


April 7th is the day I have been dreading for weeks because that’s the date on which I had to submit a painful 20-page research paper. But April 7th is also a day I have been waiting for for months now. The reason this time has nothing to do with school, but with entertainment. Being a proud Prison Break fan, I was glad that my arrival at the US almost coincided with the start of Season 4. This meant that I would be able to watch the new episodes on the day they are aired on TV, without having to wait for the French version to be made and then purchased by Moroccan TV channel 2M.

But my happiness about Season 4 was cut short when the episodes suddenly stopped last December. Since then, Fox network has been saying on the Prison Break web site that it returns on April 7 (oops 17;)) with all-new episodes.


Anyway, I’m losing patience for sure, but 9 days don’t seem that bad after all. Especially that I will be busy enough with my exams and presentations not to notice how time flies :)

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