Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another phobia

I hinted many times on this blog that I have troubles crying. But today, I received an email which made me cry (not for so long though :p). The email was a goodbye one from a “virtual” friend and colleague with whom I’ve been working for over 2 years in a benevolent organisation. Reading the email just brought to the surface my phobia of goodbyes; the word I hate the most.

“We mustn't be sad,” he said. It’s always the same in similar situations. Like the day I had to part with my sister-friend Farah, and then with my sister when she left the country for studies… Always the same scenario: we try to fake smiles, hide our tears and bring up courage from every corner of our hearts to make it easier. We fight that killing pain in our throats; we make promises that we will keep in touch; we bravely shake our heads approving the idea that time flies and that we will meet again soon, although we don't believe a letter in what we're saying ...



issam ourrai said...

:) this is life news face come other goes...but good memory are eternal!!!

Selma said...

Well, it does hurt of course, because u know that u wont be able to see that person as often as u would if u were both in the same city (though it's not always the case mm si c le cas), but at least u can be sure that this is a goodbye, not an 'adieu' (Ref: Mr T)! come on Koukie, it's not the same comme au bon vieux temps, when u had to wait for a caravane or an owl to bring u /or take a warm message from/to that person! don't forget that emails (yahoo, google, hotmail, caramail....) ,msn, skype, meditel, IAM, WANA and even telepathy exist! vive la technologie!!

Kaoutar said...

Issam >>> life can be harsh sometimes fréro :) walakin lhamdullah 3la les blogs, les emails, wa ma chabah, n'est ce pas ;)

Selma >>> Haha thanks dear for reminding me how wonderful technology is!! msn et compagnie certainly help, but it's the very moment of saying goodbye which I hate the most! Yesterday's email for example was from a friend I never met in person, and will probably never meet , but still... I HATE GOODBYES!!

Yallah adieu :p (is the expression copyrighted??)