Monday, January 8, 2007

Happy Sleep Day 2

As I said a few days ago (in my reply to Issam), the celebrations of the Sleep Day Festival are still going on. In my previous post, I wished YOU my friends a happy Sleep Day, but there’s a group of people to whom I would like to address my best wishes today.

Being a person who really believes in the Arabic saying «li koulli maqamin maqal », and being someone who respects hierarchy and the importance of each individual, depending on personal achievements, social positions, etc, I have decided to devote a special post for them. You will see that I was right: it wouldn’t be acceptable to send the same wishes on the same occasion for nnas l3adyin (like you and me) and nnas lwa3rin in the same package!!

So here I am extending my most respectful wishes on the occasion of the Sleep Day Festival:

To every MP who imagines that the seat through which he is supposed to represent the people is an extension of his bed, so he enjoys taking naps while serious matters are discussed and crucial decisions are taken;

To every official who forgets his original mission and focuses on making maximum profit before his term ends;

To every judge who turns a deaf ear to the calls of innocent people and only listens to the beautiful sound of pens signing cheques;

To every doctor or hospital manager who turns the lives of people into business deals, giving priority to some and dismissing some according to their financial “importance”;

And last but not least, to every political and/or military leader who plans and gives the green light for massacres, and then goes to sleep and orders that no one shall disturb his respectful sleep.

Happy Sleep Day for all of them… and may they find the peace of sleep.


narjisim said...

good one my dear... right TO THE POINT and I really wish that all those people WaKe up one day to realise how deep their sleep was -is-!!!

issam ourrai said...

you know i think they have no prob to and wiskey...and some blood as juice,and money as bank...
it's sucks but it's like this,
they live in duality

Mimi said...

I'm afraid that those guys you listed are not actually sleeping (they're either "eating" or cheating or counterfeiting...) WE ARE sleeping!! we are hibernating as long as none of us reacts effectively...

ok,ok... I'm going back to resume my (un)happy sleep century 9bl manzbblha ;-)