Sunday, February 11, 2007

Faking happiness??

"Smile when you answer the phone; this will give the caller a good impression."

"When you put your blush wear a smile to define your cheekbones."

"Every morning in the corridor of your workplace greet people with a broad smile. This will help you start a beautiful day."

"If people try to annoy you, just smile at their face; they will understand that their efforts to spoil your day are useless."

"If you want to contradict someone, no matter how upsetting what they said is, express your opposing opinion with a smile. This will make them more receptive to your arguments."

"Smile when you take a picture. This will help you look beautiful and lively." .....

It Seems that we have turned smiles into a mere accessory we can put at strategically calculated moments.

Do we give real smiles any value at all???


Selma said...

do u make/draw ur pictures urself so that they perfectly go with the text? how do u do that otherwise??!! Here is a real dentifice smile! just for u!!

Kaoutar said...

Selma>>> I really wish I could! Rak 3arfa à quel point j'adore tout ce qui est image/picture/photo:) But all I can do now is (illegally) pick up pictures that seem the closest to what I have in mind:)

Anonymous said...

As strange as it might seem, we all fake smiles just to lease the others and spare them the trouble of seeing our real selves at times. Maybe we re too scared to show how we really feel that's why we fake smiles to sort of convince the others and maybe ourselves that everything is ok.

A person in the same mood wrote this poem that you might enjoy:

If you knew me
then you would know that
when I smiled
It didn't always mean that I was happy
If you knew me then you know what I was hiding
behind many of my smiles
For now I show very few grins
you ask me why I m so unhappy
I know you care
but if you knew me then you would know
So don't tell me you think you know me
because that can not be true
for you don't even know why I smile or why I'm always so unhappy...

Kaoutar said...

Anonymous >>> I know who you are;)

Well, they say that smiles are infectious. At least they may help people around us catch the "infection" and smile.

But of course nothing's like a real smile...

Kaoutar said...

Anonymous >>> Forgot to tell you: I like the poem. Thank you :)