Sunday, February 4, 2007


Yesterday I walked on an acrobats’ wire, holding my breath not to fall.

Today I’m standing on a stage. Acting a play which I don’t believe at all...

I’m not intelligent. I need ages to see the real face of things.

I’m not strong. I just hide the weakness my life brings.

I’m not optimistic. The bright sunshine just burns my wings.

I’m every word you might call.

I’m everybody. I’m no one at all.


Anaconda said...

wa mood howa !! i love this one !!look i may disappear, im exiled as u know, trying to escape...i am sorry for my blog, im just a simple visitor!! i have nothing to say ...i have to get out of this mess then words may come ! ill be missing you all !!

selma said...

U are special, u are important, u are strong.Ur weakness is ur strenght. Call me and i'll tell u what u really are.

Discovery Addict said...

Hi Kaoutar,Just to show you " pour une foi" That i am not always stuborn, i am posting this comment which i could't hold for myself or wait till our next meeting on MSN.

" Selma!!! Allah y3tik Se7a, please keep opening her eyes to what She really is"

Hope this bad mood will go away very soon inchallah.

issam ourrai said...

:) so great

Kaoutar said...

Anaconda >>> Thank you... And go back to writing please, I know you have many beatiful things to say.

Selma >>> Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)

Discovery Addict >>> 3ejbek l7al yak? Dertou 3lya 7ilf daba! (Mais reste à dire: at least you confirmed I can be good when it comes to convincing people ;)

Issam >>> A nta li great:) Allah y3awnek, I'll be always proud of you:)

Selma said...

Salut tout le monde! Nous devons faire une campagne de mobilisation pour sortir Kaoutar de sa tristesse je crois. Ceci est ce kon pourrait appeler un coup de blues ki dure depuis un peu trop longtemps! Kaoutar, we all love u, and i think that everyone of us is selfish enough to accept and call only special and unique ppl as friends!
And as u have many friends, it means that u are very special, sinon, maghadich ndabzou 3lik, koul wahed men jihtou baghi ichoufek sa3a minimum, hta mabka 3ndek wekt htal rassek!
I think u have to take some time to think, analyse things and have some rest. This is surmenage dear! lmouhim ana I love u whoever u are, someone, no one, something! ana kabla bik kifma kounti!!!

Kaoutar said...

Euuuuh, j'ai provoqué une alerte wlla ghir jabli Allah??

Selma:) if you go on making this kind of analysis I will end up adopting a VIP attitude lol

Mouhim, I'm not as good at word as Selma is, but I'm completely aware that I have very very good friends lhamdullah, and I'm really glad about that!

Don't worry, anyone of us can have this kind of blues I think. And the presence of caring friends helps a lot! That's why I propose that we make some kind of planning: our blues days shouldn't overlap, in order for us to able to be there for each other! (planning mania) :D

narjisim said...

You just found enough words to discribe how I feel lately! does it mean I m blue! but I hope you got rid of that feeling by are so SPECIAL to me and I think the comments show that many people share my opinion :)

selma said...

mouchkila hadi!!! zham hada 3in bayn!!! :)

Kaoutar said...

Hello sweeties! I've just saw ur two last comments!

Narjisim >>> Hmmmm I wouldn't say I'm still in the bottom of that black hole where I was then - lhamdullah- ... but I wouldn't say neither that I have reached complete daylight... It's not a one-way course in fact... a few steps forwards and others backwards...

By the way I did feel that u were blue recently, and I really hope u won't be as slow as I am in getting back to light!

Wbla ma teddabzou les filles! :P My heart is big enough to love you both!! :P