Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Away from the city's noise (2)

Three Tunisian and three American artists, merging American and Andalusian music notes, beautiful voices, perfectly played string and percussion instruments and a highly professional performance --- All these gathered and gave Kantara, an amazing group composing and playing fused Arab-Appalachian music.

Kantara enchanted us Monday evening in Rabat’s Mohammed V theatre where they gave a music show that didn’t last long, but just long enough to steal us away from our busy, stressful days.

A special present to Morocco: the band created a new work during their stay here. They titled it “Lalla Khadija” after our newly born princess.

Listen to them here:


Anonymous said...

Beau mélange de genres,merci pour l'info...original et apaisant,je te reconnais bien là, musicalement parlant ;) biz

Anonymous said...

Just invite us to get away from the city's noise. Ze3ma rak 3arfa that we are questing for peace of mind, but in vain. Keep up the good job.

Very successful blog. eclectic in posts b7al molato.

Anonymous said...

That evening was a wonderful one...the music was perfect...the ambiance was wa3ra.. but the consequences/ tawabi3 were huge!!!! Gees! no way to have peace on earth, no matter how hard u try!!!

Kaoutar said...

Lotfi >>> Au moins c'est un signe que mon oreille musicale mazala en bon état :p Glad u liked the music :)

Anonyme >>> And how can I know what an anonymous is questing for ??? :p

Selma >>> What happened after the show could have happened anytime :) Lmouchkil fina machi f circumstances. But don't worry, things will be back to normal very soon inshaAllah :)

Anonymous said...

Iwa daba rak 3arfa what the anonymous is questing for: peace of mind and rak 3arfa ( dak chi lakhor). By the way forgot to tell you that am glad that ididn't put all my dreams for sale I kept a very special one although it was tough to have peace of mind even away from the city's noise with that special dream in front of my eyes ever second of every day. Lmohim u know :)

Kaoutar said...

Anonymous >>> Hay hay hay! Telleftina!! Dream, sale, peace of mind!! Iwa felsafa s3éba hadi :p
A sidi I wish you and all those who have dreams to see them come true :)

Anonymous said...

euh... sorry???