Friday, March 2, 2007

Take-away translation

Do you know those moments when you’re so overwhelmed with work that you can do nothing at all? This was my state this morning. All my attempts to force myself to advance on the report I have to submit in two days were just a fiasco. I spent hours replying on emails, writing others, drifting in my blog and in others, reading articles here and there, connecting to msn, disconnecting from msn, receiving and writing sms… and from time to time, going back to my report and writing a few sentences… or just opening big, round eyes in front of my PC screen while almost no thought crosses my mind.

At one of those moments, my gaze caught the sentence “translate a web page”. So I wondered what my blog would look like if I translate it --- using automatic translation!

The engine showed a blank page with the word “Translating…” in the middle, a sign that I had to wait a few seconds to get my translated version. The seconds passed and a French "fast-food" version of my blog was there! The same template, the same pictures, colors… I started reading the translation. The first sentences didn’t show any special problem, except some verbs that were kept in the infinitive (des phrases du genre "moi décider tuer toi":))

But I still was sure I was going to find some “perles de traduction” there!

And I was not deprived from the pleasure of reading them! I think those who have read my previous posts can enjoy some of them:

- Today I’m standing on a stage. Acting a play which I don’t believe at all...

--> Aujourd'hui je me tiens sur une étape. Agissant un jeu que je ne crois pas du tout…

- We bravely shake our heads approving the idea that time flies and that we will meet again soon.

---> Nous secouons bravement nos chefs approuvant l'idée que le temps vole et que nous nous réunirons encore bientôt.

- That lovely four-year-old baby :)

---> le beau quatre-année-vieux bébé :)

- This is a good occasion to tell you that I’m becoming a fan of laziness!!

---> C'est une bonne occasion pour te dire que je deviens un ventilateur de paresse ! !


fouad said...

It's going through the same kind of day you described that brought me to your blog. I can't seem to focus and finish that damn report I've been working on. Anyway indeed you came up with some "perles de traduction". The funniest thing is that this same kind of translation (web based) is used to generate subtitles on some pirated bollywood movies. It's really hillarious what you can read sometimes watching those movies.

selma said...

yeah! such us : we have a party tonight... ladayna hizboun allayla!!
Gees! this sounds weird! im not the only one who cant focus on work!! it feels good!

Lotfi said...

lool quelle idée marrante ;)! C'est vrai que c'est pas trés intelligent ces machines lol mais c'est rassurant de savoir que dans quelques rares domaines le cerveau humain reste indispensable :)...Rien a voir mais sa me rapelle également un jeu qu'on aime bien faire, traduire les expression imagées be darija en français ;) biiz et alé au travail yalah!

selma said...

ca fé plaisir!! les traducteurs ont encore de beaux jours devant eux!! lol!!

Kaoutar said...

Fouad >>> Mer7ba bik :)
Almost three years ago, I and a group of friends (would-be translators then) had a nice time watching a few bollywood films and taking notes of such translations! It was a real fun!
Le profit au détriment de la qualité, c'est une loi dictée par le piratage:)
Yallah bon courage pour le rapport :D

Selma >>> Don't worry my dear, you're definitely not the only one! I wish our bosses (who certainly suffer from the same problem) could understand!! (no? can't work? OK, back to work then!! ;)

Lotfi >>> lol oui, la fameuse je coupe la rivière chaque jour pour photographier un morceau de pain! (iwa viens mesurer jabador viens lol)

betta said...

ur article about translation reminds me of the famous translation of "made in turkey" as "fait en dinde"
In fact, reading your article makes me feel good as now I know I am not the only to endure such moments of laziness when I try to escape from my daily translation tasks just to do nothing. so always remember that someone some where is somehow enduring someting similar to what u are going through.....

Kaoutar said...

Betta >>> Mer7ba bik :)

It's very reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who faces this problem :D

The "perle" you've just sent is very funny!! Never heard about it.

I've just remembered this one:
Porte-feuille --> Door-sheet :D

betta said...

allah yebarek fik
thank you for inviting me to your blog, it is a real pleasure to submerge into your big world:))) ur 'perle' is also very funny, never heard of:)))
take care and have a nice day
dima dima betta:)

selma said...

euh pardon... chkoun Betta?

Kaoutar said...

Betta >>> Dima dima Betta! (That's a nice slogan) :D

Selma >>> ze3ma cheftek souelti ghir 3la Betta?? :D

selma said...

Je connais tous les autres... (jé mm fé un tour ds le blog de Fouad.. sérieux a mort, ma3a koul htiramati!!!) donc, ma question tient toujours.. chkoun Betta?

betta said...

Dima dima betta is back,
Salam to all
well I noticed that selma is wondering who this betta is!
Salma! r u curious about the name or about the person:)) anyway, either is me, but who is you? I don't know you either!
well, As to myself, I am named Bouchra, a colleague-friend to Kaoutar, I work independly as a sworn translator in rabat. Betta is how my little niece used to call me when she could't pronounce the name correctly....I guess this is enough information for you to constitute an image about who I am.
so back to you, I will be waiting for the same introduction about you, Selma! so hurry u to answer, otherwise, I will think you are a real jealous person bec you couldn't bear why "ze3ma chefti Kaoutar souelti ghir 3la Betta?? :D

selma said...

Thanks Betta (daba mabkach darni rassi!! ouf, feels good!) alors, I am Selma, with E not A, et kandir fiha kadiat amn watani/charaf/ karama/... fill in the blank :) I am a KFSTist de formation too, but I work as a project manager in a research and trainning office, I hate it most of the time, but it looks good on my cards ;)
I am a George Clooney and Keanu Reeves addict (entre autres :)).. and share most of Kaoutar's values, dakchi 3lash kabla 3lia as a friend!! lol! I hope I gave u enough information!

Nice to 'meet' u Betta!

SimplyMoroccan said...
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Kaoutar said...

SimplyMoroccan >>>

1. hehe in fact he had just found my blog that day.

2. Not all of us, rassure toi :D But just a remark: although many of us are translators, the majority don't work in translation. (the media, research, administration, etc.)

3. Oh yeah, but I wonder why that miracle never happens :D

4. Seems Moroccan expressions would be real rich inspiration for another blog!! Vas-y ;)