Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Between Essaouira and Sour ... new verses were born

" كصمت الياسمين"

This is the title my Palestinian friend Talaat Harb gave to his first poem collection. The birth of the collection coincided with a beautiful date: March 21, the first day of Spring, and just a few days before the Mothers’ Day and the Children’s Day.

Talaat’s poems slowly saw the day light during his journeys between the beautiful coasts of Essaouira in Morocco and Sour in Lebabnon.

The collection, of which I had the privilege of reading some poems, explores many themes including identity and love with different dimensions: love for the woman, for the mother, and for the home land.

Congratulations Talaat! We’ll be waiting for the book in Morocco… and certainly in other places of the world ;)

Read bellow some verses of one of Talaat Harb’s poems:

دون تعقيداتِ السفر
أو رموز الكتابةِ اليومية
دون أن تلتفتي
يمينا أو شمالاً
كلما أمسكتُ بيديك
دون أن تذكّريني
بيوم لقائنا
دون أن تحفري الأسماء
...على أشجار السنديان

أحبّيني ليومٍ واحدٍ
و بعدها انتحري
فلستُ أنا بفارسٍ للرومانسية
أو عازفاً لأسطوانةٍ شرقية
إنما أنا عاشقٌ
...يبحث عن هُوّية


selma said...

beautiful...thanks for sharing!! and bon courage to Talaat!
but still... we're awaiting for the 3efriiit post!! vivement cette inspiration tant attendue!!
Have a great day everyone!

issam ourrai said...

hadechi zine ;)

Kaoutar said...

Selma & Issam >>> Hadchi zwin w mazal ma cheftou walou! I'm not saying this because Talaat is my friend! The collection does include beautiful texts...

fouad said...

Salam all,

Nice to join you in another discussion here in between finishing work and packing to go on vacation.
I'm not a big arabic poetry reader but I can appreciate a good one. Regarding the poem you shared with us Kaoutar I'm not sure I got it right. I'm not even sure the author is really talking about a "real person" and her relationship with him. If so and I'm not mistaken is he telling her to "get lost"? Please forgive me if I'm getting it wrong. Bless ya all.

selma said...

Fouad: sadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatek !!!!!(no tekouass though lol!) besaha les vacances!!!!!!!!!!! (jen reve depuis 7 mois!!!! :( )
Have a great day guys!!

fouad said...

Merciiiiiiiii Selma. Allah ye3tek saha. Indeed I'm happy especially that I'm going lbled :-) Though it seems the weather is as bad as here but still. Have a great day too.

Kaoutar said...

Hmmmm I smell beautiful breezes of holidays here! bsse7aaa!
Conerning the poem, I wouldn't pretend that I know the exact meaning the author had in mind when he wrote it, and u know, this kind of texts is always open to interpretation:)
But I think that he's hinting at a stronger kind of love than the kind that would make him (them, us,one) write their names on trees, sing love songs, etc. It's the word "houwya" (--- looking for "identity") which gave me this impression. It's like he's looking for some kind of eternal love, love for the Land maybe...

Wa Allaho a3lam :D

selma said...

Kaoutar, iwa ne3li chitan wseftilna chi post jid!kantsenna 3ala a7ar mina ljamr!!

fouad said...

Sending to all of you regulars of Kaoutar's blog a sunny thought from Casablanca. It's good to be f lbled. Allah ikhelikoum dima natchten :-)

Kaoutar said...

Thank you Fouad! Welcome back to lbled! Enjoy the stay :)