Friday, May 4, 2007

Kan yama kan…

And then there was the sand
Never keeping memory

And then there was the wind
Blowing with joy and misery

And then there were my steps
Phantoms rejecting eternity

And then there was the storm
Heavy leading to maturity

And then there was a mirror
And there on it my face
And like the sand I see
Centuries going by me
But never keeping memory.


Mr "S" said...

just beautiful

Issam said...

c'est bon ce que tu fais...

Kaoutar said...

Mr "S" & Issam >>> Mirci mirci :)

Betta said...

salam kaoutar,
it is indeed very beautiful, but the end was to quick to come. I was expecting more and more lines to read when u just marked full stop;) :(
"attliqi al enan li mokhayilatiklike" I think u have more to say in kan ya ma kan tales...
see u soon

narjisim said...

great as usual.. and happy birthday again ;) missing you!

fouad said...

Nice poem Kaoutar. But I couldn't keep myself from thinking while reading it how maybe similar situations (assuming your situation and mine could be similar) can cause different perceptions and lead to diffrent expressions and reactions. Reading your poem inspired me to write one of my own in response to a situation I've been through recently:

How I'd love to find that beach
Cause for me it seems out of reach

How I long for it to wipe my memories
and help ease my mind from its wories

How I wish for a storm heavy and strong
to wipe out everything that went wrong

How I wish there were a mirror
and a brighter other side
where my life won't seem an error
and you walk with me side by side

Ana said...

It's wonderful when you read a beautiful poem and you come to find another "as beautiful" within the comments. Thank you !!