Saturday, July 14, 2007

Heeeeeeeelp! I have a new addiction!

It's on the blog of SABA that I knew about the test. I have made it and my score is 65%!!

God!! Aren't Google, chewing-gum, the internet, my mobile phone, and my hand watch enough on my list of addictions??

If you want to know the degree of your blog-addiction, try the 14-question test!! :)

SABA, here's another shared belya ;) lol


narjisim said...

dont worry we all get addicted .. check my blog ;) Missing u!! bisous

SABA said...

I tried the birthday one on Narjisim's blog, pretty flattering.. i am a hidden source of power.. lol

Kaoutar said...

hehehe let's see what they will say about me!!

U're giving me the possibility to update my blog without really writing anything;) Very well adapted to my crazy schadule these two last weeks!

See you soon!

Kaoutar said...

Narjisim >>> Blog checked ... and update gladly discoverd;)

Miss u too! Iwa we should wait for a new festival to meet or what?

SimplyMoroccan said...
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Kaoutar said...

SimplyMoroccan >>> Mabrouk lbara'a :D

Beware though, addiction degrees increase with time :p

dima said...

Et ben dis donc kaoutar : pour une addict à 65 %, plus de post depuis le 14 Juillet ? Et si tu pronais une nouvelle périodicité stp ?

Enfin de quoi je me mele ? ;)

Kaoutar said...

Dima >>> Tu as complètement raison!! Waqila 3fa 3lya Allah from the addiction lol

Sérieusement, I was out of town and out of mood pour quelques jours.

J'en parlerai ici très bientôt inshaAllah :)