Wednesday, August 1, 2007

“D-day minus” mood

Dima and many others made the same remark: I have disappeared immediately after adding blogging to my biggest addictions. I disappeared mainly because July was a special month. It was a typical “D-day minus” month:

In July there was my driving licence exam (which I failed by the way lol), so a second D-day exam is coming; (hope I won’t fail this time too :D)

In July there was a training tempting me to discover new career horizons; (no changes are expected soon though)

In July a coincidence led me to discover the existence of a relative I never knew about (a D-day must come soon on which we will meet)

In July contact was re-established with a dear friend who had completely disappeared in the noise of the city;

In July some goodbyes were about to happen; others did happen (All the best A.)

In July other goodbyes have been set for next year inshaAllah, with all the D-day minuses they will bring; (Allah yjib li fiha lkhir)

In July two friends of mine started waiting for important news that must come on a near D-day (Allah ysemme3na khbar lkhir)

In July my sister fixed the D-day on which she will no longer be my roommate, because she will found her own new family.

These were the sources of my “D-day minus” mood in July, but I’m sure the list is not complete. Everyday is a “D-day minus” for something we know or most probably don’t.

Good luck with your D-day Minuses!


SABA said...

bez, welcome back, insha Allah August will be a joyful and happy month!!

dima said...

What a July was yours ! :)

Have nice August Kaoutar inshAllah ;)

Najlae said...

et pour moi c'est le d-day minus 2 pour la fin de mon congé :p
bon, on se voit quand? (khassna had simana b4 saturday :D)
Miss you beautiful!

Kaoutar said...

Saba >>> Lina kamlin inshaAllah bez :) Bsse7a the trip w ttbogésa it brings ;)

Dima >>> Wa yeeeeeh lol. InshaAllah August will bring good D-Days:)

Najlae >>> B4 Saturday?! Iwa hya daba!! Alloooooooo finek?? lol
Miss u too a zyounate :) Big boussa!

SABA said...

Hello!! so how is August treating u so far??

Kaoutar said...

Not so bad lhamdullah :) Thanks for asking :D