Wednesday, August 29, 2007

D-Day past... ! :)

50 spams in my Gmail box, 16 unread emails in my Hotmail box, and many unread emails in Yahoo, including a relatively urgent professional one!! These are signs of complete disconnection for me! The reason? I talked about it in my previous post: my sister’s wedding took place a few days ago!!

Now that the wedding is over, our main activity at home is watching the DVDs and the pictures over and over again, commenting on the way the wedding went, trying to remember details. I never imagined how overwhelmed you can be when you organize such an event until I experienced it in fact.

Now if I have learned anything from this, it must be the fact that whenever I am invited somewhere, I should always understand my hosts if they don’t pay enough attention to me or to one of my guest relatives, or if the
y don’t seem calm enough at certain moments. Being a guest is a wayyyy different experience from being a host!!! (Reference to Naima Samih’s “li ma ye3der, daba yettebla” lol)

Anyway, the celebration went well lhamdullah – a rewarding ending for all the efforts before, during and after. A special bravooooo to you cousinino (l’homme des missions impossibles lol) who came from overseas specially for the wedding. A special thank you for all those who came although they were working the day after! (and naturally for those who came from all over Morocco)!

And I was so happy to have you there you ktikita who stayed only a few minutes – I totally understand! And I will never thank you enough SABA for all what you did!!! (How nice to live that zombie experience with you lol). As for you my dear khwalati, your support was really precious !! "Iwa Manal bentna," you would reply :) Allah ykhellikoum lina kamlin :)

Yallah, enough with thanks now, and time for wishes!!

To the gorgeous

Manal & Amine

I hope your life together will be inshaAllah as beautiful as you always wished, and more...

Allah ye7fedkoum :)


Mr S said...


SABA said...

7chemt!!!! it was a pleasure bez!! a huge one!! and 3okbal manw9ef f3rsek 7ta nti!!!

sinon, Allah ikemel 3lihoum belkhir, their wedding was incredibly beautiful, well organized and fun!! the bride was divine, gorgeous, and princess like!! (l3ris is manal's man now, so no comment :)) I had a greeat time with u and every member of ur family!! thank U!!

Kaoutar said...

Mr. S >>> Allah ybarek fiiiiik! (Alias, merci ;P)

SABA>>> looool ma bghiti sda3 m3a Manal?? :D
Alalla l3ers was beautiful bikoum! And sure ma ghadich n3etqek f 3ersi inshaAllah :D

Lotfi said...

ooo thank you! Manal ne pouvait grimper dans une 3ammaria sans moi levant les yeux vers elle,ça valait bien un petit tour en avion ;).Lmohim tu le sais bien DE TOUTE FAçON (private joke)!Quel joli post en tout cas!Merci à toi et à la famille pour l'accueil,et je rajouterais un merci pour l'animation musicale qui m'a permis d'abord de découvrir une chanteuse à la voix magnifique (comment elle s'appel déja? lol), mais aussi de réviser mes pas de cha3bi et même de m'exercer a la Salsa lool...une rencontre aussi avec une certaine blogueuse extrémement sympathique qui se en bref des souvenirs qui resteront!Mariage inoubliable et réussi l'hamdoulah,Allah i kemel 3lihoum belkhir, ou 3okbalik inchAllah!Tu sais ce qu'on m'a dit quand mon frère s'est marié : "Quand ton grand frère se coupe les cheveux, commence à mouiller les tiens"...a bon entendeur... ;)

ktikita said...

dlemtini!!!! machi only a few minutes aw!!!
a lalla all my best wishes to the wonderful bride and groom and 3ouqbal lktikita diali llia hia nti!!!
Big hugs and kisses

dima said...

Beaucoup d'amour et beaucoup d'enfants pour Manal et Amine de la part d'un fan du blog de Kaoutar ;)

Kaoutar, Bon début de Septembre...

Kaoutar said...

Lotfi >>> A chnou! Fik li ychedd tyara again??? :P loool

No, I give you a break daba! Mama mskina will go mad if I tell her that she needs to organize another wedding right now loool

Ktikita >>> A lalla machi dolm hada! Rah hours with you seem just like seconds dekchi 3lach! ^-^

Dima >>> Merci pour tes voeux! :)
Euuh oui, septembre a déjà commencé.. waaakha, ghadi nfhem rassi and start writing again :P

dima said...

Kaoutar, bent bladi, à ton aise : je ne suis pas pressé de te lire parce que j'aime bien que ton inspiration prenne son temps. J'aime bien attendre que le tajine mijote à feux doux parce que le gout est plus meilleur ;)

Kaoutar said...

Merci dima :)