Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ah, by the way!

Having marked the first birthday of my blog, and having received some sweet wishes from you, I have just got an idea. Being the writer of this blog, I have been probably speaking a lot during this year. You have been posting comments but I feel that I need to listen to you more than I did. So the thought was: Why don’t I try to get your impressions about what the blog offered during its first year of existence?

So here are my questions to you: What was the post that you liked most, and why? Was it the style? the subject? Or the effect it had on you? And what was the post you disliked most and why? Did you feel that the style was poor? The content was unimportant? Or did it probably revive in you bad memories or negative feelings? I hope you will specify your choices.

It’s OK if you haven’t been following the blog from the beginning. The floor is very wide and open, and you are welcome to express your opinion about the posts you have read.

Please share any ideas that cross your mind. Just say what you think… I’m all ears :)


SABA said...

I love the long articles, coz I love ur style and ur choice of words, but I dont like the ones with the spiders!

Mission accomplie ;)

Anonymous said...

Really hard question when it comes to choosing just one special post. I personally have several reasons to like more than one. Overall, this is a blog where creativity and singularity in using words picures and ideas rule. They definitely reflect the richness of the person behind , the richness of her life and the richness of her genius.
Now lets get down to some serious business. I choose the post entitled " from 5 to 25" for all of the above but also because You managed in three lines to capture a lot in a very literary way. I like others too but I had to choose ;)

For the ones i dont like. Well, lets just be constructive : we are sure you re gonna do better next time :)

Ahh By the way, happy birth day for the blog :D

Kaoutar said...

SABA >>> ... avec succès ;) merci bez

Anonymous >>> Thanks for the kind comment and the birthday wishes ;)

Just for those who don't remember of never read the posts you talked about:

The ones with the spiders (posted not long ago) : November 5 & November 8, 2007.

"From 5 to 25": December 3, 2006.

Anaconda said...

bghiti fina lkhedma?! well, i think i have to comment on that...I love your literary style...I knew the journalist Kaoutar but thanks to this blog i have come to know the Real Kaoutar and the Writer Kaoutar...Write a novel. Ill be waiting.

Kaoutar said...

A novel! That's lots of trust my dear :) Thank you.

Anaconda said...

Why not ! it was not a compliment...Write a novel bach nt3aned m3ak ! hihih kat3arfi khtak ma3gaza

Kaoutar said...

lool that's a good reason :p Safi hana bdit my novel ghir bda 7ta nti :p