Monday, March 3, 2008

Open your eyes, you spammer!

This probably is something most people don’t do, but I am one of those who take a few seconds to read the titles of bulk messages before clearing the box. The reason why I developed this habit sounds logical. Sometimes emails which should normally go to your inbox are somehow sorted out as bulk messages and sent to the spam file. This explains why all email boxes have a “not spam” button which allows you to prevent this kind of mistakes to happen in the future with emails coming from the same sender.

But there’s another (rather crazy) reason why I read the titles of my junk emails before deleting them. The reason is that some of them make me laugh! There’s first that so silly kind of titles which is supposed to attract you like “your check is waiting” or “I have a secret to tell you”, and which seem implausible from the outset, especially that they are coming from names you never heard of before.

But sometimes coincidence helps those spammers a bit. Today for example, my bulk file included an email sent by someone called “Dr. Susanne”. So when I read this name, I stopped a little longer because I do know a Dr. Susanne, whom I met in a professional context and with whom I did have some slightly personal conversations. But our conversations could never have reached the stage that would make her send me an email saying: “This is why you’re fat”! lol

And then, the funniest of all are those endless male-oriented commercials about Viagra (and other related issues – I spare you all the other details :p). These emails don’t stop landing in my email box, although I am a woman!!!! Junk emails are sent randomly I guess, but the huge numbers of similar emails I receive make me wonder if it has anything to do with my name which presents no female sign. An “A” at the end of my name for example would officially announce, especially for non-Arabic speakers, that this kind of emails has nothing to do in my email box!

If advertising people ;) spend hours considering nuances of communication devices they use, trying to make them as perfectly adapted to the target audience as possible, then spam commercials are brilliantly… missing the mark!


H-F-blady said...

hello :)
Personaly , i have never read spam ,
I enjoyed reading that post :D

The Troubadour said...

Definitely true, they miss the target brilliantly and you get the heart of the truth with a nail in the head i.e plein dans le mille.
spammers of the world are now wining of the pain caused by this great shoot. What a great dart shooter :) Keep shooting ...ah i meant writing :) you' re great at both your arrows never miss :p

Kaoutar said...

h-fblady >>> Mer7baaa lalla :) Thank you. It was nice meeting you yesterday!

The Troubadour >>> Mer7ba b Mr. Troubadour dial lqarn l7ali :D
Ok, I will ;p

SABA said...

hi there! i have a look at my spam box before erasing everything, in case there's an important email placed there by accident, and it generally deals with two main subjects: sex and offers to win millions of dollars by helping some rich widow or heir getting away with iamginary money out of some african country:S

Funny they think people can actually believe them !!

une marocaine said...

Tu me tues avec tes écrits en anglais!!! Je me connecte le soir complétement lessivée et pour lire un texte en anglais, il faut que je sois concentrée ets urtout "fi kamile 9iwaya al 3a9eliya" sachant qu'elles ne sont pas nombreuses(!) je sèche donc :)

Le serviteur du Sage said...

just passing by while breaking through the lassitude of a night like this...


Kaoutar said...

SABA >>> Haha I receive those emails about millions too. We should try it one day :D:D

Marocaine >>> Aji lehna!! La prochaine fois jib waraqat doukhoul w waly l amr dialek:p

Kaoutar said...

Le serviteur du sage >>> Mer7ba bik anytime :)

Moroccan Beauty said...

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SimplyMoroccan said...

It's not an unusual thing to carefully check spams before deleting them. You're not doing anything super-human here :P (wink).
[Quote]Junk emails are sent randomly I guess [/Quote]
You "guess"? You're not sure yet? :D
Girl, why are they called spam then? If the senders take the time to consider your gender and your geographical location and your interests, then it's a plain marketing compaign... This is SPAM, let's not mix up things. Spam means that you receive completely random messages with totally unexpected content.Spammers have no time to analyse your e-mail address, they just... shoot :D.
Nice reading ya!

Kaoutar said...

SimplyMoroccan >>> lol thanks for the Marketing lesson a lalla :D
Nice seeing you around here;)

SimplyMoroccan said...

Ana batlakkik bass ^_^.
Have a nice day :-).