Thursday, February 14, 2008

Could Cupid explain that??

Scene 1:

She: Why do you complain about such occasions? We are the ones who have trouble finding good presents for you. It’s never been an easy task for me to find a present even to my father.

He: On the contrary, it’s men who find it difficult to t
hink about suitable presents for women.

She: Come on, there's plenty of things you could buy to a woman and make her happy.

He: Like what?

She: Well anything! A jewel, a cosmetics product, flowers, or something practical she needs… You could also invite her for dinner in a nice place, make a good surprise... But what about men?!

He: You could buy something traditional, a belgha (Turkish slippers), material for djellaba, this is the kind of things your father would like to receive.

She: (Stops short of asking what a man –other than a father- would like to receive for a present).

Question 1: Will that mystery about “what women want” and “what men want” ever be solved?

Scene 2:

He: Has the woman on the radio said that they’ve been talking about love for an entire week? Weird choice! What’s going on?

She: Yes! Well it’s Velentine’s day!

She2: Don’t you know about it?!

He: (A bit surprised, laughs) Lucky you!

She: What do you mean "lucky you"? Valentine’s day is everybody's business!

He: No... We celebrated our Valentine's Day a long time ago. Now it’s your turn.

She: Love has no age! (Playfully) Come on! Why do you men keep coming up with pretexts to ignore this kind of occasions? Just to avoid buying presents? :p Why don’t buy a present to your wife after work. She’d be happy about it.

He: (Laughs, addressing He 2): We have women’s movements here.

Question 2: Why are men too proud to admit that they do care about such things as love!?


Anonymous said...

Men are too proud ... Well could be:) even if i knew the answer I would love toperpetuate the mystery after all that s what makes both sexes interesting and challenging for each other :)

Iwa what did you recieve for Valentine's day? :) ma tgollich you didnt celebrate it :)

in any case Best wishes for life

Anonymous said...

my first time here and already addicted.
very nice blog !
Love it !
Great Job ;-)

SABA said...

wayeeeh! no body can actually explain those things, et Cupidon encore mois ;)

Bizz ma bez

Anonymous said...

Bon t'a9afeti al inejeliziha ma7douda!!!
je passe te faire un coucou :)

Kaoutar said...

Mr. S >>> What I received on Valentine's Day? I won't lie to you: I received an urgent translation, logically followed by a night of less than 4 hours of sleep :)S3dati :p

Hmed >>> Thank you, w mer7b bik :)

SABA >>> Kisses back ^-^

Une marocaine >>> a lalla zartna lbaraka! Lmohim houa charafou stiqbali syadatikoum :) Kisses!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog and excellent Post.
I think not men, women are proudy. If someone think that men are proudy, he must think again, again, again .......
The result will be....
It very defficult to understand women nature.

SABA said...

Bez, tu as été taguée chez moi ;) désolée pr le retard :S


Anonymous said...

Answer to Q2: Most probably a damn long heritage of machoism since men figured out the link between their sperm and what happens in women's womb, or call it ability to control proliferation.

I believe we're living a turn though the mass media is still controlled by the perfect macho stereotype.