Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Facebook and I

Was I expressing amazement just a few months ago about Google and the way we’ve become addicted to it ? How old fashioned any kind of amazement about Google would seem now that newer and revolutionary trends like Youtube, Myspace and Facebook have conquered the net, and with it, our very habits.

Facebook. I first heard of it about a year and a half ago during a casual conversation, when a friend of mine told another that she had forgotten to accept Flana’s invitation on facebook. What did I do then? Did I go straight home, straight to my room, straight to my computer and try to figure out how this thing worked? No. Fortunately I would say now. It was only last September that I stepped in the chaotic world of Facebook.

What Facebook has brought to my life? People would talk about the possibility of keeping in touch! This might be true, but can we still call it “keeping in touch” when it means “hey, here I will put my pictures, describe my mood from time to time, and be tagged here and there, and this thing will do the rest of the job. It will be spying on me all day long and reporting my activities . So just come and look for my news –if you care to "keep in touch" with me of course”!!

Hmmm what alse?? Facebook has also increased my awareness that the world around us is intermingled, a complex network with endless meeting points… A more accurate word for this would be (for Moroccans): mchebbek!!

Here’s a small example from my own account on Facebook: My friend S. whom I’ve just met in Egypt turned out to be a friend of A. who’s been a close friend of mine for years now. And A. turned out to be also the friend of the cousin of SABA who is, more than a friend, a sister. F. whom I met at university 5 years ago (outch! I’m getting old!) turned out to be the friend of N, who by the way has just joined a group created by no one but D. whom I interviewed a few months ago when I used to work at Morocco Times... Not to talk about a bunch of people whose existence you had forgotten, or who you thought belong to different worlds, and whom you suddenly find gathered as the Admins of the same group… I know it’s complicated and this is my point! (And by the way, I wouldn’t mind if I know that you have skipped this paragraph!) :D

But didn’t you notice something? I used the word “friend” a lot in the last few lines. This brings me to something else about Facebook (and Myspace too, among others). It dilutes some deep concepts like friendship. Anyone anywhere around the globe can become “my friend” just by accepting an invitation which might be sent randomly.

Does this mean that I will stop using Facebook? I don’t think I will. Facebook does keep a group of really special people I have met gathered in one place. So although it does not help me “keep in touch" with each of them, it does allow me… say…. to “hear from them” on a regular basis. But will I become a Facebook-addict? I don’t think I will. Because in this regard, and compared to the chaotic Facebook, my old fashioned Google does win the deal - with excellence!!


Happy new years 2008 and 1429 to all :)


SABA said...

loool! im discovering it too lately, and hell it is confusing, chaotic and too nosy for me!!

iwa safi? flan is a relative, ok, and they dare to ask u? is it a sibling? parent? cousin? aunt?

what about a copy of my CIN and a P11 to fill in??

And thanks for ur trust and love! they're highly and truly appreciated!

warm hugs,


Nader said...

حقا إننا اليوم نعيش في ذو وجهين … شخصيتين بل قل حياتين منفصلتين إحداهما عن الأخرى
بعضنا عن يبحث عن عالم افتراضي آخر يجد فيه ذاته
ماذا حل بنا هل بدأنا نفقد إحساسنا بالآخر إلا اذا كان عن طريق أسلاك تبعد أكثر مما تقرب
وقس على ذلك مفهوم الصداقة كما تطرقت إليه في مقالك
لا أريد أن أكون سوداويا لكني رغم ذلك أقول أننا نعيش في دوامة ما يسمى عالم انترنت من جيل
و أصبح لا يسلم منه القاصي و لا الداني 2.0
او ما يمكن ان نقول انه أصبح بإمكاننا جدلا في عالم انترنت جيل 2.0 في ان نصنع لأنفسنا حياة افتراضية حالمة لا تعبر عن واقعنا بقدر ما تعبر عن ما يختلج في صدورنا من أحلام و أفكار لم نستطع تحقيها على ارض الواقع
وهو ما تحاول القيام به كل هذه البرامج المفخخة التي وقع في شراكها الكثيرون فتحولوا حياتنا الواقعية إلى صفر إلى الشمال و انكفئوا ينسجون قصورا من الرمال علهم بذلك يحققون في عالمهم الافتراضي بعضا مما عجزوا عنه في واقعهم المعاش
أقول ان الصورة و الكلمات و البرامج (الماسنجر و الفاسبوك و اليوتوب و هلم جرا ) الجديدة رغم و وضوحها و بلاغتها لن تستطيع ان تحل مكان العلاقة الإنسانية المتعارف عليها و هيها ت لها أن تفعل ذلك إلا أن يدخل الجمل في سم الخياط و ما ابعد ذلك
متى يرجع ها العالم الى جادة الصواب
" الحياة بسيطة حلوة ما تعقدوهاش "
كل عام و انتم ترفلون في السعادة و الصحة و الهناء

Célibataire Casaoui said...

Je suis tt à fait d'accord avec toi!! Par ailleurs j'ai découvert l'autre jour que Facebook est une très grande Agence Matrimauniale : Ma collègue Y qui compte parmis ses "Friends" mon autre collègue M, effectuer l'autre jour, une vrais séance de présentation, M cherchant à tt pris à ce marier dans les meilleurs délais, et Y voulant à tout pris le caser avec Une Fassie comme elle.

H.S :
- you're not that old :)
- 3la slamtek a lalla melli hayedti 3lik El houzn !!!

Kaoutar said...

SABA >>>lol hadak smitou tbergig c'est tout ;)
Love and respect are well deserved ;)

Nader >>>
نادر، لا يوجد اختلاف كبير بين وجهتي نظرنا، غير أني أعتقد أن الأمر ليس بهذا السوء:)
صحيح أن وسائل الاتصال الحديثة أخذت تحل أو تحتل على الأرجح) مكان العلاقات الإنسانية ، غير أن طريقة توظيفها ودرجة الاعتماد عليها تبقى مسألة اختيارات شخصية وأولويات نحن من يحددها. هذا ما يفسر ابتعاد البعض عن "الإدمان" على هذه الوسائل. .
من جهة أخرى، لا يمكنني الاتفاق مع من يقررون العزوف تماما عن تعلم أساليب الاتصال الحديثة وتوظيفها، فهي لا تخلو من إيجابيات تظهر مع حسن الاستعمال. يبقى الاعتدال هو الخيار الأمثل في رأيي.

CC >>> Allah yselmek a sidi :) W Allah ykemmel bikhir 3la M & Y, 3lach la? ;)

fatma said...

hi dear
well you spoke with my tongue, i can not figure out whether it added positive aspect to my life or not, well it is a massive gossip facility as u mentioned, however it enabled me to find ppl whom i totally lost and comminuicate with my friends who reside far far away like u there in beautiful Morocco :)
keep tuned on the Facebook

Kaoutar said...

Fatma >>> That's the best thing about it in fact: keeping an open window on a number of people you care for :)
Hope u're fine dear :)

The All-Reviewing said...

halo sister kaoutar, you're a writer and you didn't tell me about it when we met in portland. i'm a writer myself and we could have talked quite a lot back there in portland, hahaha....well, nice to know you then... cool

Kaoutar said...

The all reviewing >>> I tried to figure out who you are through your blog but simply didn't get a word of it :D Any help??

the all-reviewing said...

well, i think i gotta drop some of my pseudonyms :D. either si pemimpi or the all-reviewing. i don't mean to hide my real identity, but it's sounds just too cool to have a pseudonym :P, that's why i decided to have so many pseudonyms (although actually my friends know that they're just my other names, hehehe...)