Sunday, February 3, 2008

And the winner is... ?

It’s a special night for Moroccan bloggers. At these moments in Casablanca, the bloggers elected the best in the Moroccan blogsphere for 2008 must be receiving their awards.

I couldn’t attend the ceremony, but I did vote for my favourite bloggers, and hope they will win ;)

A big bravo to very active Agadir bloggers who had the bright idea, and made the great effort of organising the competition and all the activities related to it (a well made website, interesting goodies, etc).

Let’s wait for the results, and for what the bloggers who attended the ceremony will tell us about it! Good luck to all! :)


SABA said...

@Koukie: 've been there! it was awsome!! it's really a shame u couldnt come!! we met so many bloggers, the show was great, the gadiri team really did a great job!! few nominated bloguers were there, or at least came on stage when their names were called, but it's a choice isnt it?
and I personnaly understand that! the only thing i didnt understand is Fhamator not getting any awards!!and Hdidane too!! come on!!! they're national 'institutions' ;)

Big kiss bez!! said...

I couldn't come to the party either.

Saba, where is your detailed report about the awards? Come on! Give us some hints!

SABA said...

@Lalla Mira: bientot sur vos écrans ;)

@Kaoutar: missing u!

Kaoutar said...

SABA >>> Bsse7a bebez:) Yeah, I agree, both Fhamator and Hdidane deserve awards. Ce sera pour MBA 2009 inshaAllah ;)

Lalla Mira: Je suis d'accord. Waiting for a more detailed account SABA :)

SABA said...

@Kaoutar and Lalla Mira: vos désirs sont des ordres Mesdames... rendez vous sur mon blog ;)